Around The Island
Race / Cruise

july 26th, 2024

The Around The
Island Race / Cruise

The Around the Island Race is held every second year on even years in order to provide a great option in the years when the world famous Marblehead race is not happening.

This is a 325 nautical mile journey in some of the best sailing waters in the world, around one of the most beautiful islands you will find anywhere.

Come a few days early or stay a few days after you compete and enjoy some of the best seafood, beaches, & golfing you will find anywhere.

As a circumnavigation, there is no chance of a straight line parade, and all points of sail will be used.

In addition, there is a good tidal effect at the east & west tips of the Island, so the winners of this race will have earned their hardware.

Having said that, the track is very accessible and the participants are almost always in sight of land.

Interested in finding out more? Navigate through the links below to uncover the lore of the Around the Island Race’s maritime past, and delve into a treasury of tales recounted by seasoned crew members who’ve charted this race over the years.

Course map – Not for navigation purposes

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