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July 26th
Charlottetown to Summerside Cruise

Fire up your engines or raise your sails on the morning of July 26th and join the flotilla of power and sail boats departing the Charlottetown harbour.

As you pass through the narrows of the Charlottetown harbour, look to your right and you will see the remains of the historic site of Fort Amherst


Sail under the Confederation Bridge the longest free-standing bridge over ice-covered waters in the world!


But you won’t have to worry about ice, Prince Edward Island has the warmest waters north of the Carolinas thanks to the Gulf Stream effect that warms our waters.


What conditions can you expect?  Wind is typically consistent around this time of year and fog is quite rare. 

Tie up in the protected shelter of the Summerside yacht club and enjoy parties & the famous summerside hospitality.


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